Second Litter

Mom HipHop

Dad Buddy!

Born June 21st we have 7 cute babies! 3 boys and 4 girls!

All of our babies are adopted!

Please check the expecting pages!

Our first precious girl!  Green collar  girl! This sweet girl is going to the Lecero family in Linwood NC!

Our second precious girl!

Pink collar girl! This little lady is going to the Herbert family in  Maine!

Our third precious girl! White collar! This sweet girl is going to the Herrera family in

Wiston Salem NC!

Her name is Daisy!

One more precious girl! Yellow collar! This little lady is staying here!

Handsome boy

Blue collar! This handsome boy is going to the Miller family in West Virginia! His name is  Marshall!

Handsome boy!

White collar! This handsome feller is going to the Hutchens  family in  Charlotte NC!

Handsome boy!

No collar! This little feller is going to the Garner family in Murphy NC!  His name is Heavy!

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