First Litter

We have babies ! Born April 29th! 
5 adorable babies!

We have 1 Black girl 2 Black Boys and 2 Buff boys! 

Mom Gigi

thumbnail (57).jpeg

Dad Neko

thumbnail (9).jpg
thumbnail - 2022-05-06T071659.691.jpeg

This beautiful girl is available!

thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112254.238.jpeg
thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112242.541.jpeg
thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112231.365.jpeg

This handsome boy is adopted!!

thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112351.099.jpeg
thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112323.910.jpeg
thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112337.628.jpeg
thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112444.759.jpeg
thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112430.141.jpeg

This sweet boy is available!

thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112415.996.jpeg

This little man is adopted!

thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112712.027.jpeg
thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112703.420.jpeg
thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112501.754.jpeg

This adorable boy is adopted!

thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112744.614.jpeg
thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112722.667.jpeg
thumbnail - 2022-05-27T112731.235.jpeg

Call (336)667-6473 for availability!

There is a -$200 Non-Refundable- deposit to reserve your puppy.